Roger Oddone is a brazilian graphic DESIGNER based in SAN FRANCISCO.

currently WORKING aT UBER. 






Roger Oddone specializes in brand identity development and implementation for digital and analog medias.

After working for almost a decade at branding consultancies in Brazil, Roger founded and directed his own design studio in São Paulo, working with clients worldwide.

His work has been featured in several international publications, magazines and blogs. As consequence of this exposure, in 2011, Roger was invited to relocate to California to work as a senior graphic designer at Google.

Roger spent three years at Google where he had the privilege of being part of the team responsible for creating Material Design as well as Project Kennedy.  

In 2014, Roger seized the opportunity to lead a team of designers at Uber. This team is responsible for the creation of high visibility branding elements and iconography projects that define the look and feel of Uber.

Roger holds a degree in graphic design as well as an MBA in Branding.

Uber, Google, Toyota, Tetra Pak, Kimberly-Clark, Loctite, Apex-Brasil, Avon, CPFL, Gillette, Grupo Estado, O Globo, Parmalat, Perdigão, Positivo, Tecnisa among others.



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Behance Network
With multiple projects featured and over 2.000.000 project views, Roger Oddone is one of the most popular members of Behance worldwide. 


Designing Brand Identity book
G-Network AG identity featured on the book    

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Abduzeedo design blog
Multiple featured projects


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AdWeek Talent Gallery
Multiple projects featured

Computer Arts Magazine
Featured designer in the Computer Arts Projects magazine. Issue 135, Create the perfect logo. 

Logo Lounge book 6
Taiama's logotype selected for the
Logolounge book number 6. 


2010 / 2009 / 2008
Facamp University
Guest speaker at the FACAMP University in Campinas, Brazil. Theme: Corporate identity.

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Branding served
Multiple projects featured